The Hope for Hurmija Appeal gains more support… join us and make the difference between life and death.

From:  WO2(SQMS) V A Ferguson


Superintending Clerk

Coalition Press Information Centre

Holiday Inn, Sarajevo

British Forces Post Office 543

Tel:  (00387) 71 447-617

Fax:  (00387) 71 447-600

Miss H Norfolk

14 Skelton Terrace


LS9 9ES                                                             March 1996



Thank you for your letter of 6 March 1996.  Your interest in helping me to help the many unfortunate children, most of whom are victims of a terrible war in one way or another is very much appreciated.

I am enclosing a selection of press cuttings from my campaign to bring Hurmija Mujic to Britain for treatment which will give you an idea of how I have been filling what little spare time I have had during the past 4 months.

I am pleased to inform you that I am, in fact, bringing Hurmija, with her mother, twin sister and younger sister to England on Tue 19 March 1996.  She will be treated in Oswestry orthopaedic and spinal clinic in Shropshire.

There are many others here who need help, particularly in the light of the UNHCR’s decision recently to cease the evacuation of children from Bosnia now that the war is over.  Unfortunately, the suffering is not over.  The hospitals here are not well equipped enough to deal effectively with many illnesses.  I am, for instance, now trying to help three other young boys.  One is 5, one is 8 (both have different forms of Leukaemia and have almost no chance of survival here in Sarajevo.  They would have approximately an 80% chance of remission if treated in the UK.  Another is 10 and has a blockage of the main valve in the heart.  He has gone from being an apparently fit and healthy young boy to a ‘Cardiac Cripple’.

I am now assisted by a Charity called Child Advocacy International.  They are currently the only UK charity evacuating children from the former Yugoslavia.  Unfortunately their funds have almost run out and the five children that we bring to Heathrow on Tuesday are likely to be the last until funds are forthcoming.  The staff have been working without pay since 31 January 1996.

I do not utilise any moneys raised by myself for personal expenses and the like.  Every penny is spent directly on the treatment and well being of the children.

The Registered Charity Number of Child Advocacy is 1048781.  My account is at TSB, 58, Station Road, Crossgates, LEEDS, LS15 7YJ.  The account title is:  V A FERGUSON Hope for Hurmija Appeal.  The account number is 19180060 and the bank’s sort code is 771407.

I hope that you decide to help me.  There are so many other wonderful children that deserve to be given the chance of a life after their terrible suffering for the past three and a half years.

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