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we only come out at night these days… Howwwwl

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Mishka & her Tufftrail Gravity Scooter at The Cow & Calf Rocks, Ilkley
Photo taken by Vic Ferguson

Mishka tells me to get up n run!!!

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The love you can feel from your dog is unconditional and without boubdaries

Mishka demonstrates amazing balance as she perches on a single pebble!!

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Does my bum look big in the harness Daddy?

Scooter injuries: with thanks to Mishka and our Tufftrail Gravity Scooter….

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boys and their toys!!!

Mushing with Mishka on the Old Roman Bridge, Ilkley

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Photos thanks to:  Steve Smith

Gravity scooter (and hours of fun!) courtesy of

A day out in Lukomir, one of the most remote villages in Bosnia; had wonderful Bosnian coffee with the local ladies

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Thanks to Samir for getting us through the snow (off road) in the mountains in the Mercedes and the wonderful memories of “bag-sledging” in the snow with Samir & Ramija that I will cherish forever.  A truly wonderful family day out.  How did we get Hurmija to the top of the mountain???  Nothings stops this girl from doing anything.  I am very proud of you Hurmija. v x

Caught Red Pawed… Alaskan Malamute masterminds on-line puppy ring!!

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I wasn’t looking for another man on-line Daddy… HONEST!?!










I am soooo disappointed in you Mishka. Naughty girl.

Home is where the heart is…

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My Beloved Bosnia

My latest mosiac commission… mood board looking good!

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Above:  Bespoke Marble Mosaic Rug design board & hand painted torn pieces wallcovering (Opaline).

Desginer:  Vic Ferguson

Beau after an early morning hunting on the Moors

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My Son… hunter gatherer