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Happy “Earth” Day to all of my friends worldwide.

Posted in My quotes, Outdoors & Nature on April 22, 2013 by vic

Be kind to yourselves today, and be kind to OUR planet

WHAT will you do to help our planet today?  Recycle, not use the car, turn off the central heating, don’t watch TV… It ALL counts.

enjoy your bit of OUR Earth today

nuff said

nuff said

— from Ilkley in beautiful Yorkshire

Vic & Mishka’s 24 hour Road Trip to the Lakes

Posted in Outdoors & Nature on February 10, 2013 by vic

I’ve become a budding poet.. inspired by my love of people, animals and the outdoors :-)

Posted in Outdoors & Nature on January 13, 2013 by vic
good times :)

good times 🙂

An ode to my friends of 8 Below….. written after a Saturday morning of Fun, Fun… FUN!

I joined a group called “8 Below”
with our Huskies & ‘Mutes to the woods we would go
for hours we walked sharing stories & laughter
memories to treasure from here ever after

So this poem I write
by whom inspired?
a bald Navy guy
who has now retired 🙂

The idea of forming a Husky Mush Group
if you ain’t a member
you’re not in the Loop!

Day-day-day our numbers grow stronger
and new memories we’ll create
that will last even longer

We invite you to join the Community called “8 Below”
coz we ain’t just Cool
We are SUB ZERO…