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A poem by Jock Love, a friend, a soldier and a poet.

Posted in Soldier's Poems on May 21, 2013 by vic

Where Children Never Weep…


Their eyes are brown,

and wide, and dark, and deep

The mirrors of our souls they say.

And I see them in my sleep.


Far too many…..

and my arms won’t reach.

To hug them all,

And move them…..


Safe from harms reach.

Giajl © Jim Love


For my friend and fellow soldier,
Vic Ferguson. Of whom, is oft in my thoughts.



for Charlotte, Sophie & Beauford.

Posted in My Poetry on May 19, 2013 by vic

A Father’s Guilt

Today I write the reasons why,

these past twenty years I’ve lived a lie.

When I was as a soldier a “hero” you saw,

but I bore witness to killings galore.

I chose not to tell you,

and to hide my pain.

I thought if I smiled,

my strength might regain.

But no,

each day these past twenty years.

I lived with my nightmares,

My inner most fears.

I guess everyone knows the Vic in the papers,

of the he kids he once saved

and his Olympic capers.

But no one has heard of the atrocity & slaughter

where so many were raped,

both Mothers and Daughters.

Where so many children by snipers were slaughtered.

It was ’95 in Sarajevo the place,

when I lost faith in my God

and the whole human race.

So each day when I pray,

“Lord… make them understand”,

why I went crazy in that far away land.

The doctors and phsyco cannot understand,

why I still dream of the far away land.

I remember daily the horrors above,

but I never forgot my Fatherly love.

Even as my nightmares grow stronger,

I still believe this illness I’ll conquer.

When I have beat it, as I hope I can do,

One day your Father will be back home with you.

The Dad you now know is not me you see,

Your true Father suffers from ptsd.

Copyright:  VF © Vic Ferguson