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The Olympic Torch sculpture by Marcus Levine honours heroes.

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Waiting to find it’s true home with Hurmija in Sarajevo

for my Bosanska Princeza, Hurmija…

the girl with the Eyes of an Angel, the Heart of a Lion and the COURAGE of a GLADIATOR.

I dedicate this sculpture to:

My dear Mum, Val who lost her second battle with Cancer as she nursed me to learning to walk again following my 18 months in hospital from injuries suffered on my journey home from operations which ended my career.

To the Father, two Eldest Brothers and four Uncles lost to my dear Hurmija and Family Mujic; they fell defending their families in the Siege of Srebrenica in July 1995

To ¬†the brother of my comrade Peter Michael Swain “Swaine-Monster”,¬†Trooper John Robert Kelly, C Squadron, Light Dragoons who lost his life with two of his comrades on 28th January 1996 whilst on patrol in a Spartan APC which was hit by a land mine in post-war Bosnia.

and to my dear comrade Billy Baxter who lost his sight exhuming mass graves in Glamoc, Bosnian- Hercegovina.

May God rest your souls and bless those who will forever love and miss you. R.I.P.


Olympic Dreams by Radhikka Dutta

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