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Show Me the Way….

Posted in My Poetry on June 30, 2013 by vic

Two decades ago

As a Soldier I’ve been

To a place called Bosnia

I witnessed things there that were obscene

I go to that place in my mind every day

Hoping the memories will soon go away

I’ve been many times since

To face my fears

Knowing one day I will stand

Once more with pride

In Sarajevo, moj grad

and the ghosts of my past will one day subside

Twenty years now since this July

The 11th it started

When those from Srebrenica

From their loved ones were parted

In the few days that followed

There took place a slaughter

That left one I loved

A Fatherless Daughter

For two decades now

I have followed God’s path

My memories and pain I know cannot last

Many times Lord now to you I have prayed

So once more I ask you


“Show Me the Way”

My inner strength now I must find

To take control of my wandering mind.

VF©Vic Ferguson 30.06.2013